The Referral Form is a way for people who live in New Brunswick to find out if they are eligible to get help from the Extra-Mural Program (EMP). Eligibility for admission to EMP is based on having or in the process of receiving a NB Medicare number and having a Physician or Nurse Practitioner. Applicants must have a health care need that requires the service to be provided at home. Applications for EMP services is managed by the Care Coordination Center (CCC). If you do not hear from the CCC within 2 workdays, please call 1-(844)-982-7367.

Out of Province Healthcare providers please contact the CCC at 1-(844)-982-7367 to facilitate referrals to EMP for New Brunswick residents.

If you are submitting the Referral Form after 4 pm during the weekdays, during the weekend or during a statutory holiday and the health need is URGENT, please call EMP at 1 (844) 982-7367 and EMP’s answering service will direct your call to the local EMP unit. Urgent referrals are for services that require services within the next 24 hours or individual would have to be transported to local Emergency room for care.

For Healthcare Provider’s completing this referral, the CCC will call the patient or patient family.

Options to submit a Referral form:

− New Online Referral Form: Click here (Note: Ensure your browser is set to allow pop-ups.)

− Electronic Referral Form: Click here

− Manual Referral Form: Click here

If you have questions about EMP services or would like to request a referral please contact the Care Coordination Center at 1-844-982-7367.